There are 7 Tips for Controlling Anger Become More Stable

There are 7 Tips for Controlling Anger Become More Stable

There are 7 Tips for Controlling Anger Become More Stable – To maintain the stability of anger in yourself, let’s try 7 effective ways so that anger in yourself can be more stable, to be controlled by yourself

As humans, it is normal to feel angry or angry. Moreover, if the pressure of life is very big.

Unfortunately, excessive and frequent anger can interfere with health and relationships with other people. Therefore, train your emotions with anger management.

From the MD Web page, anger management is a way to reduce the effects of anger on someone. In order to control your anger easily, you need to practice it. At least, there are seven ways you can manage your anger.

1. Take a deep breath

When you feel your emotions start to rise, get yourself out of this ‘hot’ situation. Take some time out and take a deep breath.

This method is considered effective for winning emotions, you know. In addition, taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly can prevent you from irrational actions that can make you regret later.

2. Don’t bring anger

Often people become frustrated just because of trivial things. Finally angry and troublesome people around him.

When your emotions are about to explode, get out of the way for a while from the thing that made you angry. Defuse by making small moves or scribbling on paper until your anger subsides. Taking time to let go of anger can improve your mood. So, don’t let your anger stay for too long that can ruin your day.

3. Write a diary and a mood tracker

Write down what you experience and feel every day. Don’t forget, also add how to deal with your anger, other people’s reactions when you are angry, and your expectations in it. This method needs to be done so that you can release the feelings in your heart and mind along with the solution.

In addition, you also need to create a mood tracker to track how many days you are angry in a month. Every night, describe the mood you feel, whether sad, angry, happy, and others.

If the negative mood is getting less and less common, that’s a sign that your anger management is going well. Happy!

4. Light exercise

Exercise can be a stress reliever due to the presence of endorphins in the body. You don’t have to do strenuous exercise, really. When you are in the office, do light exercise such as a leisurely walk out of the room.

As you walk, you can clear your mind and see new perspectives. Once you’ve calmed down, you can go back into the room and make your decision with a cool head.

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5. Change your mindset so far

Not infrequently, pessimism can make you more stressed in dealing with problems.
In fact, problems can be overcome or become smaller when you look at them from a different perspective. The pessimistic thoughts that exist in you can make a problem look scary compared to the reality.

Therefore, try to be calmer and change your mindset. Write down the problem, how you feel right now, find out what caused it, and how to solve it. This way, you can think more positively and realistically.

6. Setting the alarm time out during the day

Do you often get emotional at work? If so, try setting an alarm during the day. This method can be a sign to do a time out.

When the alarm sounds, take a little time to me-time for a while. Use this time to evaluate what you did, how you felt at the time, and find out what caused your angry feelings to come back.

Try this healing method when your feelings are negative. After that, let’s focus and resume your work.

7. Talk to family or friends who can calm the heart

There’s nothing wrong with talking to people who have a calming effect on you. Usually that person is someone you care about such as family or close friends.

When talking to him, reduce your anger. Talk about the problem calmly and ask him for a solution.

Those are some ways you can do to practice anger management. However, if your anger persists, it’s a good idea to immediately consult a psychologist for professional help.