Tips for Controlling Excessive Emotions

Tips for Controlling Excessive Emotions – Emotion is a feeling that everyone can feel. Emotions are usually caused by pent up anger. Emotions that occur usually make us dizzy. Any excessive emotions can affect our future actions. One solution is to control or control these emotions. Here’s how to control excessive emotions correctly and appropriately


1. Get rid of bad thoughts

When you are hit by a complicated problem, the brain will tend to focus more on thinking about the best solution. Try to stop thinking about it so you don’t have a negative reaction. It’s hard not to think about it, but trying to forget it for a moment can relax you more.

2. Try Silence

Trying to be quiet is one way to control your emotions. When you are angry you will say words that get out of control. Even those words can make things worse because the emotions become more explosive. It would be better if you shut up and give yourself a moment to deal with your emotions.

3. Try to Give Positive Emotions

Looking for problems that are happening right now is one way to control emotions. You can take the positives from this problem to dispel bad emotions that will arise. Let’s just say what happened is a lesson that can improve you to be even better.

4. Calm down

If emotions occur, you should try to think calmly so that you can think logically and find the right solution to overcome the problem at hand. You can take deep breaths, and count down slowly to let your emotions down. Try to divert your mind to make you more relaxed.

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5. Try to be Merciful

Compassion can be a way of controlling the emotions you have to go through. No matter how heavy or difficult the problem is, you must be able to get up to prove that you are okay. You have to be tolerant of this problem, there are things that might change in the future.

6. Trying to Lose

The way to control emotions towards your partner can be by giving in. Emotions that occur can be caused by the ego of both parties. As a man, you can also control a woman’s emotions by trying to be more submissive. Giving up can make you look for a way out of the problems that are happening.

7. Try to Smile

Smiling can help to influence heightened emotions. Smiling when emotions feel awkward, but the brain will respond and adjust emotions. You can do this for how to control emotions in children so that there are no excessive actions.

8. Tell the problem to a trusted person

You can also hold back your emotions by telling your problems to those closest to you. Even if you don’t get a solution, at least the burden you will bear will feel lighter. Even if needed, you can also use the services of a psychiatrist to help provide solutions or therapy from a more professional side.

9. Self Introspection

Every problem must do self-introspection. Try to review the problems that you have experienced. Don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes if you realize that the mistakes were yours.

10. Exercising

Exercising is a fun way to contain emotions. You can make your body healthier and make you more relaxed. Exercise can make nerves that were previously tense become flexible.