How to Release Pent-up Anger

How to Release Pent-up Anger – Anger or feelings of emotion often occur in every human being, but not everyone can control and even harbor these emotions for too long. If you keep doing it and you keep a pile of negative emotions and don’t express them, this can have a negative impact on your physical and mental condition, relationships with other people, reactions to stress, and your health.

Here are some ways you can let go of pent-up anger.

How to Release Pent-up Anger

1. Take a deep breath
When you feel that your emotions are at their peak, it’s best to move away from the source of your anger and take a deep breath. Count a few seconds while trying to calm your heart. This may actually delay the resolution of the problem, but it will be better than getting your anger out and further ruining the situation.

2. Exercising
Release your pent-up anger by exercising. Choose a sport that you enjoy the most, such as walking, jogging, swimming, or yoga. Not only good for physical health, exercise also releases endorphins that can give you a feeling of comfort and calm.

3. Don’t talk before you think
Be careful when you have pent-up anger, you tend to talk without thinking. As a result, the other person may be offended or the bad situation may worsen.

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4. Use creativity
In addition to exercising, you can use creativity as an outlet for your annoyance. Painting, redecorating your room, or playing music can be some alternative activities to take your mind off your anger. This method can also make you calmer and eventually think more clearly.

5. Meditation
Sometimes you just need some quality time alone in silence. Therefore, try to meditate by focusing your mind on one basic thing, such as regular breathing. Find a quiet place, you can also listen to soft music or the sound of running water, then sit quietly and meditate.