Differences in Male and Female Emotions

Differences in Male and Female Emotions – In controlling emotions, there are several things that must be done, especially to be able to relieve existing emotions. But did you know that the emotions in men and women are different?

Differences in Male and Female Emotions

1. Mechanism of language

According to Doctor Aisyah Dahlan, women generally communicate 20,000 words a day while men only communicate 7,000 words per day. However, there are still women who are quiet, unlike in general, quiet women communicate about 17,000 words per day.

Women’s language mechanism uses the left brain and right brain because women are more articulate and able to continuously work while talking. The part of the female brain is thicker in the left cerebral cortex where this part tends to analyze, detail, calculate, and order. While in men, the language mechanism uses the left brain and has a thicker right cerebral cortex, where the right brain is the creativity brain associated with music, sports, games, imagination, intuition, objects, colors, maybe that’s why men men are better at technology and relax quickly.

2. Emotions in men and women are different

In Sharlene D. Newman’s study entitled Differences in Cognitive Ability and Apparent Sex Differences in Corpus Callosum Size, the Corpus Collosum (the nerve cell that connects the left and right brain) in women is thicker than in men. This causes emotions to activate both hemispheres of the female brain, although when she is sad, she can still work. Women can also do many jobs at once

In men, the Corpus Collosum is thinner, so that the left and right neurons work independently. When emotional, the active brain is the right brain (creativity brain), so when emotions are disturbed only creativity, while counting, analyzing and speaking are not disturbed. Therefore, men can still make decisions when emotional.

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3. Emotions based on facial muscles

Based on facial muscles, women respond sad, angry, and happy about 2.5 seconds. That means when women are sad, they will make sad faces after 2.5 seconds of feeling it. According to Mc Duff, Kodra, Kaliouby, and Lafrance, women smile more than men, and female hormones make facial expressions continue to reflect emotions and sometimes inadvertently exaggerate those expressions.

Actually, the emotional response of men based on facial muscles is faster than women’s. Men respond 1.5 seconds after feeling the emotion, but because of the testosterone hormone in men who have trained themselves since childhood to hide their facial expressions, so that men’s faces tend to be flat because their facial muscles are controlled by the hormone testosterone. However, if there is a man who expresses excessively, it means he is included in the 8% of the male population who has the most estrogen.