Bad Effects of Angry Parents on Children

Bad Effects of Angry Parents on Children – It is natural for parents to scold their children because children do not obey their words. But what’s wrong here is if parents can’t control their anger so it can hurt the child’s heart. Here are the bad effects of angry parents on their children

Bad Effects of Angry Parents on Children

1. Less able to control emotions

Children’s habits are sometimes reflected in what their parents have done, you know, Ma.

You have to realize that the sound of Mama’s screams when scolding the child will certainly make an impression on him until he is an adult. This bad memory will be embedded indefinitely.

The child who is often yelled at will have an impact on his daily mindset and attitude. He will have difficulty and less able to control his own emotions. The child’s emotional control is also unstable and has a tendency to explode like his parents did.

If this is the case, when interacting with the child’s social environment, the child can release his emotional instability at any time.

The long-term impact itself, when an adult the child will follow the parenting pattern of parents who like to yell. If this is the case, when will the habit of yelling at children in the family end?

2. Lowering self-confidence

Do you often scold your children in public?

Screaming and yelling at the child in front of the crowd will only make him embarrassed, you know, Ma. Even though Mama has the intention to tell her good things, it must also be remembered not to yell at her in front. Mama could have advised him elsewhere.

Yelling at the child in public will only lower his self-confidence. If this kept happening, the worst thing that could happen was that he could completely lose his confidence. This is marked by his moody attitude, not daring to do anything in public for fear of being wrong.

Without Mama knowing it, the child who is often yelled at will grow up to be someone who is shy, nervous and even afraid when in a social environment. To prevent this from happening, Mama should not get used to yelling at the child as much as possible.

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3. More difficult to manage

Not infrequently the child who always gets unpleasant treatment from his parents at home can become a rebellious person.

Some children who feel uncomfortable with their parents’ treatment will likely choose to be away from the home environment. ii Children become individuals who will never follow the rules of their own parents. In fact, he did not hesitate to do more negative actions.

4. Have a fear of exploring

Some children who receive too much yelling or rude attitude from their parents will form a closed personality.

The child will be a person who is afraid to explore. His fear of trying new things and exploring further is because the child is afraid that Mama doesn’t support him and tends to blame him.