Emotions Eliminate Our Best Potential

Emotions Eliminate Our Best Potential – Emotions often make us uncontrollable. Emotions are also very bad for our health and ourselves. Here is a fact that emotions can take away the best potential within us

1. Anger can make us do things we regret later

Anger happens when we have lost our temper. Losing patience is dangerous because it causes anger to control. When that happens, we may have a tendency to do or say things that can hurt others or even do things that hurt ourselves and others. People who can’t control their anger will have a huge impact on them physically and mentally.
Being patient and thinking twice before venting too much anger, is a good thing to do when anger starts to come.
But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to show our discomfort or anger. But what needs to be underlined is the portion of anger itself, lest anger control us completely so that we cannot think rationally about the impact it will have.

Emotions Eliminate Our Best Potential

2. Anxiety can cause us to waste time just worrying

A constant state of anxiety can be a productivity and career killer. When we worry about something we can’t control or control, we end up wasting the time we have worrying constantly. Anxiety can hinder a career because with anxiety we lose the ability to concentrate on the task at hand.
Anxiety is born from an event (objective) that is added to our opinion. To be able to live peacefully and happily, we only need to focus on the things we can control and don’t need to think too much about things that are beyond our control.
While there are some things that should make us feel anxious, constantly dwelling on things that are beyond our control is not an example of a good use of time. Feelings of anxiety can lead to a lot of worrying thoughts, and useless “what if…” questions. Turn unproductive worries into active problem solving.

3. Frustration can make you give up

Frustration can happen to anyone. Frustration is often accompanied by feelings of disappointment, anger, confusion, anxiety, and feelings of failure. When frustration strikes, everything becomes chaotic and out of control so that it often makes us live without passion and become individuals who quickly give up. Factors that can cause frustration include repeated failures, stressful work situations, uncomfortable environmental conditions, and desires that are too high.
The emergence of frustration is closely related to the ability to tolerate failure or desires that are not achieved. When frustration comes, the thing to do is build a positive mindset. make suggestions so that we do not become weak in facing various problems.

Recognize how frustration affects your performance. When you are struggling to complete a difficult task, take frequent breaks and develop a helpful inner monologue that will encourage your efforts.

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4. Sadness can make us withdraw

Feeling sad is normal, but it becomes unnatural if the sadness is allowed to drag on until it makes us withdraw from the environment. Sadness should not be allowed to drag on because it will make depression. If you’re sad, try to find a friend or trusted person to talk to. We don’t have to be alone to face sadness.
When we feel sad, we may be tempted to isolate ourselves. But withdrawing from friends and family can make suffering worse. Few people are entertained by sitting on the couch alone.